Monday, April 4, 2011

Boiling an egg with milk

What happens if you boil an egg with milk?
Is it healthy/unhealthy? Would it be harmful to experiment itself?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FireFox 4 waiting icon rotating anticlockwise

So Firefox 4.0 was released yesterday, and contrary to my usual track record I downloaded it today itself. Not sure how that happened.

The new look looks interesting. Will take some time to explore properly though.

One thing which intrigued me, and is troubling me quite a bit now, is the rotation of the waiting icon (or throbbing icon, or waiting gif whatever is the right term) which shows up in the tab when we open a new site.
There are two of them. One is grayish, and other one green. The green one rotates fine (clockwise), however the gray one rotates anticlockwise.

I wonder if that is deliberate, and if yes, then what's the though behind it? Would like to know if somebody has answer to this.

Also, not sure why do they require two of them. Though I kind of guessed gray one comes when the browser is trying to locate the server, and the green one comes when the server is located and the data is being downloaded. If that is the case, then it makes sense to have two.

Btw little off the topic, I came across this site: It lets you make your waiting icon in your own color. There are a good number of options to choose from as well. Quite useful for web developers I guess.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photoshop: Save for web with slices saves as only png

So I faced a small quirk of Photoshop sometime back.
When you are slicing an image, and trying to export all slices by doing "save for web", even if you select "jpg" as the file type option, it ends up saving all of them as png.

Well, there is a small nugget here, which is very unclear at first.
When you do "save for web", in the window that appears, there is a preview shown on the left side. In that, slices are shown with their numbers 1,2,3 etc. You have to click on those individual slices, and then change the file-type of each slice one by one. Now when you save, the individual slices would be saved in the file formats that you selected for them individually.

Hope it helps.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Advanced Tab not available

Port Forwarding In Beetel 440TXI modem+router

So sometimes one requires to enable port forwarding in the routers to allow few things to function in the internet setup. I know of two things. One is in correct functioning of P2P softwares like Torrents, and other is to make a web server running on one local server to be accesible from other computers in network. There maybe some similar brother-sister use cases.

For this, there are many articles/threads available on net like this and this .

But there is a small problem. The "advanced" tab or the "NAT-DMZ" or "virtual network" tabs that these pages suggest are not present in the screen that you get when you log on to

These pages just assume that it will be available, but don't mention what is the solution if those tabs are not available. So by contacting my ISP (Airtel) I figured out that solution is you don't have to go to , but the correct url for this is for this purpose.

If you come across this problem, try it :)

Hope it helps.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A command was canceled or stopped while batching

So I was trying this great feature called "Actions" of Adobe Photoshop.

It worked fine when making the action and using it alone. While when I tried to use it for batch I got an error "A command was canceled or stopped while batching". And while the error window is there, you cannot do any adjustments to your canvas. If you do a "continue" or "stop", you can't achieve what you wanted to.

This happened because I had put a "stop" action in my set of actions so that I could make some adjustments particular to that image while it half of the job is done and still other half is left.

From my brief understanding of actions, it looked weird to me, as I should be able to stop a batch process and let it continue after I was done. If I can do it while working on a stand alone file, why not while working on a batch?

I tried searching on net, but no avail. Someone had suggested using two different action-sets for pre-stop and post-stop. That would have only increased the work, as I would need to store all psd files for all the images. While in my batch processing I was discarding psd at the end. Also, it looked like double work. Then I saw some more not so useful discussions in my hunt; e.g. dialogue box of save file etc.

Then I saw someone talking about a dialogue box of "insert a menu item" to be configurable. It gave me an idea for a work around.

So this was the solution for stopping batch processing to make some adjustments:
1) Add an action for inserting a text layer
2) In the text write some default text like "Hollow World" ;)
3) Then go to the actions menu and click on "insert menu item"
4) This will bring a window asking you to select some menu item
5) Select the "Free Transform" (This one is important, otherwise while executing, as soon as you click outside, the execution continues before you blink)

You are done.

Now when you run the batch script the execution will stop at the point when you wrote "hollow world". Now you can make desired adjustments to the text. When you click on "move tool" you are taken to the next step of actions which is "Free Transform" as per your actions. You can move around the text or delete if you want to, and when you are done, photoshop will continue execution to the next step.

It worked for me as I required "stop" for some text work (writing different title for different image). If you require different kind of adjustment to be made. You might want to add a different kind of menu item.

And most importantly: This was the work around I devised. It might be wrong or unnecessary. If someone knows correct method, please do let me know.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early to Bed Early to Rise

I had been wondering what was hindi translation (equivalent) of this proverb. I got to see it in an old Hindi movie called Rail Ka Dibba. It goes like this.

"Der se soye, der se jaage. Sehat ruthe, daulat bhaage"

Well actually it is converse of the original proverb. It literally means "If you go to bed late and wake up late, health and wealth will run away from you".

Btw, if anyone has a original and clean cd/dvd of movie Rail Ka Dibba, I would be interested in it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Connection of Electricity and Water

I wonder about the weird connection that electricity and water have.

When there is an electricity in Sky, it rains. When it rains, the electricity is cut off. When there is no electricity, my water guy doesn't bring water. With the water eletricity is produced (dams etc.)

On top of it getting electricity and water connection to your new house is quite painful :)

Most of all I wonder why the power is cut off when it rains. I have been told that it is because of transformers malfunctioning etc. But I am not ready to believe that even with so much of advancement of technology we have not yet prepared transformers which are rain proof. Duh!

What is the correct reason?